Monday, 28 June 2010

procrastinatory ramblings


It's T minus two days, and a lot has yet to be established. Exactly where we're going and what we're doing is foremost of the worries delightfully colouring these last few days of revision. Kem and I aren't even really sure what the point of this holiday is supposed to be! Chances are we'll return twice as exhausted as we were when we left, though revision at the moment is tempting me to make this a chance to sample regional variations on vodka and score them up appropriately, according to ability to obliterate memories and induce hallucinations.

Thus far, according to postit notes stuck in my diary (the organisational skills are in full effect here..), the plan seems to be..
Rock up to thailand, arrive about 7.30 bangkok time, survive there for about two days and acclimatise while trying not to get scammed horribly..
Get an overnight sleeper train to chiang mai, to Viangviene in Laos - sorting out our visa troubles when they inevitably happen, then to Viangtiene for tuuuuubing! Somehow we'll then get ourselves to..
Chaing Mai! and sample the delights up there -> hopefully tiger temple, elephant trekking and flight of the gibbon, am going to try and force kemi into a thai cooking course..
After that, apart from a half moon party on the 18th, we are really adrift in a foreign country.

It will be hilarious to see how little we stick to the above plan. I give it until the second day in bangkok til it all goes out the window.

Anyway, two days left of pretending to be smart, let's get our revision on!